In early 2006, five emerging artists, curators and art historians were invited by Justin Muir to form an organization that would present contemporary art projects throughout various spaces in Vancouver.

By programming a spectrum of events and exhibitions, their intention was to facilitate an engagement between contemporary artists and a diverse audience – local and national – and secure a more prominent place for art in the everyday.

Balcone was incorporated under the Province of British Columbia’s Society Act on August 18, 2006 and was registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency on December 1, 2009.


To advance education by establishing and maintaining artistic programs for the benefit of the community.

To increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the arts by presenting exhibitions and performances of an artistic nature and by providing forums related to such exhibitions/performances.

To engage with audiences in public and private spaces and expand popular perceptions as to where and how art should be exhibited.


To create a unique context – outside of traditional frameworks – for the practice, curation, and exhibition of contemporary art in Vancouver and beyond.


The English word balcony comes from the Italian word balcone. Balcone was named for its play on words and space.

A balcony is a space that hinges between private and public, interior and exterior, a space from which to view and be viewed.

Balcone mimics the biennial art festivals that appropriate the Italian word biennale. Varying pronunciations of Balcone reinforce the name’s inherent playfulness.

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Balcone is a nonprofit society that presents contemporary art projects in a variety of situations and spaces throughout Vancouver. Without a permanent location, we operate with mobile offices and flexible programs that are reactive to social, political and economic challenges within the local arts community.


Balcone’s projects range in subject, format, location and duration. So far our projects have been presented in office, gallery, apartment and live/work studio spaces, as well as on the street.

Our projects incorporate elements of curatorial practice, public art, public programming, continuing education and social enterprise into a single programming structure.

Our goal is to engage audiences in a variety of situations and spaces to expand existing methods for identifying and presenting contemporary art in our culture.


Difference, Resilience, Criticality, Accessibility, Disruption, Responsibility


Our vision is a society where peoples’ critical faculties are engaged through the integration of art into public life.


Mindy Abramowitz, Secretary/Treasurer

Craig Noordmans, Vice President

Joyce Rosario, President

Nola Semczyszyn, Director


Justin Muir, Executive Director

Phone: +1 778 908 5878

Email: justin@balcone.org

Mail: 208-1374 West 10 Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H1J6