The Age of Info(rmation) is a series of collage and diorama works that combine appropriated clippings from retro magazines with hand crafted objects. They form postmodern allegories illustrated by a variety of fables from biblical stories, historical events and ancient myths. The composition of each work resembles that of Byzantine iconography but they are presented and framed in a modern folk fashion. The juxtaposition of images, styles and symbols from various genres and periods creates an unsettling and provocative narrative that is anachronistic with its references, yet somehow relates to the future. The exhibition’s title piece depicts an Eve-like 1960s era woman with voluminous mascara eating an apple while surrounded by exotic snakes from around the world. This body of work moralizes contemporary global issues against those of the past.

Randy Grskovic has a BFA from the University of British Columbia. His work has been exhibited at Centre A in Vancouver, The Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art in Kelowna, L’OEil de Poisson in Quebec City, Eastern Edge in St. John’s and he was invited to curate a program for VTape in Toronto. Currently, Grskovic resides in Vancouver and works out of the Cartelera Talent House.

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Supported by Benjamin Moore Broadway Decorating Centre, Molo, Ultra Press Printing and Steam Whistle Brewing

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November 4 to 30, 2010

Tuesday to Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Opening November 4 at 6pm

2233 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada